Diksha Chhabra , from an overweight housewife to an international beauty pageant title winner ”Mrs India-fit body 17-18” her life has been nothing short of .
Diksha has an inspiring content to share and to motivate her fellow women. A mother of 7 year old and an Army officer’s wife shuffling between cities. Struggling with PCOD and overweight 90 kg in 2016. One who had started her journey, with aim of loosing 5kg. She is unstoppable now and a firm believer of “Fit body is your best jewel to wear as crown”.
Her journey has burst the myth that weight lifting is for men or that it makes you look masculine. Rather, it builds your strength and gives you the curves of your dreams.
Today, Diksha is a certified Fitness trainer & Sports nutritionist. In just a few years of experience in the fitness industry, she has transformed many lives through her weight training programmes and healthy diet plans.