Let’s Lift With Diksha

A personalised 3 months workout and diet plan will be formulated based on your targets which will give you complete freedom to choose to workout either at home or at the gym.

Transformation 21

This is a 3 week fat-loss challenge programme in which a diet and an intense workout routine will be given to see a difference in just 21 days.

Fitter me

This is a four months long program especially designed for mothers who have just delivered. Anyone who is 12 weeks post delivery to 1 year can enroll for the program. 

Plan Features

  • Customized Gym Workout Plan  : Get a detailed 3 months workout plan targeting on each body part, one on one with me on whatsapp.
  • Customized Home Workout Plan :Get a personalised home workout plan with the help of very basic equipment’s like dumbbells and resistance bands.
  • Based On Your Routine/Work Timing/Food Preferences Plan : Veg, Non-Veg or Eggs. Get a personalised diet chart with 2 reviews for the following 2 months.