Lost 15KG in 3 Months…

I am Ashima and I work as a Functional Architect for a MNC company. Also I am a mother to a little T-Rex at home. 🙂
My job profile includes lot of meetings and client calls for which I have to keep sitting at one place for sometime as long as 6 hours at a stretch.
I was always a food lover and during my pregnancy, the cravings and the love towards food quadrupled. I had gain almost 30 kgs when I delivered.
As the scale kept on ticking there was a point in my life when I felt very low and demotivated and rather disgusted of my appearance. I used to love myself and still do but there was this consciousness of my appearance which kept lingering always.
I took gym membership and consulted what not dieticians. I did loose “something” but the weight kept on coming back if I left it.
Then one day while scrolling through Insta I saw some success stories by Diksha. It did moved me and I contacted her.
I remember for the first time I did contact her but never joined the program as I felt I won’t be that “story”. My weight would creep back in even if I loose something.
Then some months passed and my weight increased. That was when I decided to join Diksha for whatever it will take.
I called her and she motivated me, asked me to trust her! And guess what I just did the same.
I trusted her and religiously followed the program. I never knew I had such commitment also 
Within 1 month itself I lost most of my stubborn fat. Subsequent months gave some shape to my body and by the end of the 3 month program I had reduced almost 15kgs.
I decided to join her for another 3 months and I lost another 10 kgs by that time.
This was a super amazing and an achievement for me.
I just could not believe the results.
I had gained more confidence, I was more in love with myself and I was back!
I keep telling her that I don’t have much of full length photos from my before weight because I was always so conscious of the camera and my look.
And now, I click myself from head to toe!
The journey not only taught me self resilience, discipline but also mad eme fall in love with the healthy lifestyle. Because if her I am a workout freak now. 
Thank you so much Diksha