My feed back on #letsliftwithdiksha

I am 29 old. Actually i am not an overweight person. But started putting on weight from the age of 25 when i was diagnosed with thyroid and other issues like irregular periods..and few other health issues…
As years passed by i experienced a reduction in my strength, work efficiency, concentration etc., i wanted to change all i have been browsing for the kind of content which can help me…thats when i came across letsliftwithdiksha….but i didnt start with her immediately. I observed her posts on fb, her journey and finally decided to give it a try. 
Its been one and half month i joined her program. I really liked her workouts..intially i felt it a bit difficult..but gradually i started enjoying. Also she keeps changing the workouts regularly. I lost around 3-4 kgs till now. Most importantly i feel toned and energetic than before. Exercise is something which i feel needs some proper  guidance if u are an amateur. There are numerous execises available on it. But its important to know how and from where to start and how much to start with and also to keep it sustainable. Diksha does this very right with less time taking and effective workouts. 
When it comes to diet, diksha kept it quite simple with home cooked food. There was a change in what i regularly used to eat..but still it is no crazy diet and is quite flexible too. I incorporated many healthy and new options in my diet. We all know what is healthy to eat and what is not. But its more important to have knowledge about when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. With diksha’s diet plan i got a better understanding on diet in these areas. I also learnt that diet plays a major role in weight management, mood swings and food cravings.  
I am happy with my experience till now and still looking forward to more healthy lifestyle. 
Thank u #letsliftwithdiksha