About Diksha Chhabra

Diksha has become an inspiration for thousands of women and is helping them be a better and fitter version of themselves. Today she is:

  • An independent entrepreneur        
  • Former Mrs. India Earth winner
  • Mrs. Body Fit-2017      
  • Health Expert with many Forums         
  • Fitness Expert with Optimum Nutrition       
  • A model     
  • A verified Instagram/ Facebook Influencer with thousands of genuine followers 

Her success story has been covered by leading portals and publications such as Brut India, The Hindu, Scoopwhoop, GQ, Indiatimes, WIttyfeed etc. She has also been featured as a fitness expert with top platforms like Decathlon, TOL, BBC, Sports Keeda Body and strength, Zee Health, etc.

Her journey from being an unhealthy person to the best online fitness coach has given her recognitions as a Woman Achiever by Uprise India Foundation, National Leadership Summit for women and education powered by govt of India, Josh Talks, and Ted X platform.

“The day you stop competing with others for looks and body, you will find the real YOU. Do not lose the good in you, lose the bad-THE FAT in you.” Fitness consultant and online nutritionist, entrepreneur, mother of a young boy, married to an army officer, these are some of the many accolades associated with Diksha Chhabra who is weight-lifting her way to success.

Diksha is one of the best online fitness coaches who is progressive and fearless when it comes to training and every other aspect of her life. She has been practicing strength training for more than 5 years now. In the year 2017, she won ‘Mrs. India Earth’ at runner-up position and was also awarded the subtitle of “Mrs. Body Fit.” Diksha has continuously challenged the cliches and the contemporary image of an Indian woman. She is now inspiring more men and women to be a better and fitter version of themselves through her startup which provides customized health solutions worldwide with her online fitness classes.

Having gone through numerous incidents of body-shaming and under-confidence due to body weight and then lack of information regarding the right way to reach her body goals, Diksha realized that most of the failed attempts by many like her were because of the misleading and vague information available in today’s time. Hence, she decided to start her own consultancy after spending enough time working on herself and later getting certifications in the field of nutrition and exercise sciences to devise her customized plans. Today, Diksha sees through people going through a similar phase in life. She connects with people at a personal level and enables them to bring about a lifestyle change with her easy-to-follow online weight loss program. Being a virtual fitness trainer, she designs programs that are as easy to follow at home workout plan or online exercise classes that can be done in the gym.

A couple of years back, Diksha was not a virtual fitness instructor or an online dietitian but a full-time working mommy and a homemaker, with a hectic schedule and family responsibilities. Like a lot of married women in India, Diksha never paid attention to her health and fitness and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOD which led to massive weight gain. She was close to 100 kilos, 29 years and depressed. She then decided to change her lifestyle, her outlook towards food and exercise, basically the woman who is now a renowned online fitness trainer, decided to take charge of her life. It was a gradual process. It was a holistic transformation for her which started with small but effective actions of self-care and dedication. Now she is just not a healthy person with no hormonal problems (she has stopped taking medicine for thyroid), almost half of what she used to weigh back in her late 20s but also a better and a confident woman who comes across as a trusted online fitness instructor who has people from across the world enrolling for her customized wellness programs including one of her most common PCOS weight loss diet plan and 3-month weight loss plan amongst her other online weight loss programs.

In the field which is predominated by Men, it was not easy for Diksha to promote weight training to women, with the myths across the society regarding women lifting heavy weights which are otherwise considered an activity for men, she had to change the perspective by applying what she preaches on herself. Hence, she constantly logs about her physical transformation and how her training is helping people through her blogs. What started as a passion to change someone’s life via her knowledge and experience with regular posts on social media has now become a full-fledged business in the span of two years with appx 400 percent growth and many media coverages as a renowned fitness consultant and motivational speaker in prestigious public platforms.

Being a woman entrepreneur in today’s time has its own challenge. A woman is encouraged to be career-oriented but unlike men, she has to fit in the roles of a homemaker, a mother, and a wife. Maintaining the right balance between career and family sometimes does take a lot of energy and effort. For Diksha entrepreneurship was the last thing on her To-Do list a few years back. But a transformation from a homemaker to an online nutritionist and a virtual fitness instructor is a message for each woman that a marriage is not the end of one’s aspirations and dreams. If you really want to do something and think that you have it in you then your self-belief will make things happen.