Frequently Asked Questions

Meals are planned according to what you are comfortable eating. India being a diverse country culturally our food plays a vital role in our day to day life. I try not to make big changes in the style of cooking and recipes. The taste and comfort of cooking too play an important role in making a diet viable. I ensure that the meals that you have been eating throughout your life are still placed in your diet.

Exercise routine depends upon the availability of time and access to gym or equipment. Difficulty level and future Exercise plans are also made as per your current condition. We follow different strategies from full-body workout to muscle-specific or combination workout routines.

No…I try to make it comfortable for you and if you need separate cooking our objective is quick and easy recipes.

Free weights like Dumbbells are preferred but if you have kettlebell/resistance bands/ barbell or any other type of equipment too … a workout can be planned using those.

It is not important where you are Exercising .. it is important how you are Exercising to make it effective and workable. Whether you opt for gym or home, our goal is to give you equally good results.

Yes, I do.. since we work on customization we take every small detail from our clients to draft a preferred yet effective diet. Diksha Chhabra is certified to work on any kind of diet that can help you with long-term lifestyle goals.

Various factors affect our body and the issues one is facing. PCOD is a lifestyle disorder. We try to fix your lifestyle and enable the person to manage it better.

Someone who has abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland needs to follow a highly nutritious diet as a first step. We follow the ground rule of a healthy diet for anyone who opts for our plans including thyroid cases along with which medication prescribed by the doctor is important.

After doctors advise a woman can start as early as 2 months postpartum. We take extra care with nutrition and exercise plans. So that a new mom can feel healthier and stronger along with desired body goals. If she is breastfeeding.. the diet’ll ensure an ample supply of milk to the new born too.

It’s recommended to consult with Diksha before you decide which plan should help you … but the plans are broadly categorized based on the requirements. One can opt for them directly if you feel the relativity with the categories.

Disclaimer: Please note that we don’t offer refunds or cancellations in any circumstances.

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction and we strongly believe in providing customized solutions. Since it is a service where the plan is released right  at the beginning, it is unworkable for us to provide a  full refund or cancellation. However, we promise to provide satisfactory services to the best of our ability. We request the consumer to comply with this policy of ours.