Fit In My Budget ( Affordable 2 month plan)

Target: Money Saver Package

What’s Included?

  • One time Customised Diet and Exercise download on email.
  • Simple Home Cooked Food
  • Basic-intermediate to advanced Workouts every week
  • Once a month progress check
  • On call / WhatsApp guidance – once a week
  • Most Pocket Friendly


Let’s lift with Diksha ( 3 months long plan – Most Popular)

Target: Visible permanent results 

What’s Included?

  • Guaranteed results
  • Suitable for Post pregnancy tone up
  • Suitable for patients suffering from PCOD, Diabetes, Obesity and Thyroid, etc
  • Suitable Workout plan if any injury in past.
  • Customized Workout for long term results
  • Customized Diet ( balanced, keto or IF )
  • Home-based/ Gym based Workout video routine
  • Simple meals
  • Goal-oriented ( weight loss/muscle gain)
  • On-call /WhatsApp guidance (unlimited)
  • Weekly progress check
  • Daily supervision
  • Most Popular program
  • Hundreds satisfied clients


Beginning to Fitness ( 30 days program)

Target: Introductory package for beginners

What’s Included?

  • Customised diet
  • Beginner level Exercise plan 
  • Gradual Progress of intensity
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Weekly supervision
  • On-call /WhatsApp guidance once a week



7 Days Detox Plan 
Target: A Seven Day Detox plan that ll help in detoxification, debloat,and get rid of flatulence.
  • What’s Included?
  • Diet rich in Vitamin, Minerals and all other Nutrients
  • Home-based detox drinks
  • Simple meal recipes
  • Works best with any kind of Workout routine
  • Basic 3-4 Meals with available ingredients
Visible reduction in Bloating and Puffiness around tummy due to toxins and unnecessary gastric issues


#Letsliftwithdiksha Live ( Monthly Training)
  • Live video call session ( for individual and in the group (2 to 3 people)
  • 40-60 mins home workout sessions
  • 3 days a week – 12 session a month
  • Equipment required ( dumbbells/kettlebell/Resistance band) anyone
  • Can join as a batch of three max at a time
  • Customized diet plan ( one time)
Please Note: Focus is on the Exercise routine. A balanced effective diet is complimentary.
byAnotchka onDiksha Chhabra

Hi diksha.... Kudos to you!!! Stagnant and stubborn layers of lard  broken by your spell of supportive  determination and dedication towards me to melt slowly but surely to a graceful toned streamlined body...." do it with perseverance to see what you helped me see" my line to all.



byJanani Kualalumpur onDiksha Chhabra

Dear Diksha, 
I just wanted to share a few words about my experience on Lift with Diksha three month program. At the time I reached out to you I was reaching a breaking point where I had to focus on my health and get back to a decent weight. Luckily my close friend who had taken up the program few months earlier, highly recommend your food plan and exercises that were easy and not complicated. 
Being a homemaker and so focused on the kids and family, I could easily fit the diet plan and exercises suggested by Diksha every day without much changes to my daily routine. I’m so glad I signed up, and have lost 7 Kg in the process of understanding my body and metabolism better. When I was getting stuck at a point she changed my diet and it worked. She’s quite patient with her answers and can be reached easily. So with tons of tips and info from her I am continuing my weight loss journey with updates from Diksha. Thank you, dear, getting back my lost confidence thanks to the weight loss 

bySonu onDiksha Chhabra

I joined Diksha’s fitness program because of a very clear agenda. I wanted to be fit and ready to have a child. I did not want my weight to be a hindrance when I decided to have a child. I have always been on the plump side of the spectrum but there comes a point when you start feeling very heavy. I contacted her after my mother saw her TEDx talk and we started immediately. The plus point of her program is that it is very doable. If you are on a holiday, running on a tight work schedule it is still doable. It is sustainable and that is the most important thing. In the span of 3 months, I lost 10 kilos and I also got pregnant. I feel super healthy, pumped and there is also a sense of ‘right kind of eating’. The diet plan makes you decide for yourself what is good. I already know that I am coming back to her for my postnatal fitness regime. Diksha’s program is sustainable and gives you the exact results you desired. Thank you, Diksha!

byAnitha onDiksha Chhabra

All credit goes to u. U have been a very good coach and inspiration. Diksha truly speaking I used to hate gyms n workouts. But u made it interesting with smaller sessions and changing my workout every week. I never thought I could lose weight or look this good. I know that I have just started my journey and I am nowhere near my goal but I am motivated now and I will keep on doing what u have taught me. I also know I can come back to u anytime whenever I need help. A big heartfelt thank you and lots of love n hugs 

byAnonymous onDiksha Chhabra

I am Ashima and I work as a Functional Architect for a MNC company. Also I am a mother to a little T-Rex at home. 🙂
My job profile includes lot of meetings and client calls for which I have to keep sitting at one place for sometime as long as 6 hours at a stretch.
I was always a food lover and during my pregnancy, the cravings and the love towards food quadrupled. I had gain almost 30 kgs when I delivered.
As the scale kept on ticking there was a point in my life when I felt very low and demotivated and rather disgusted of my appearance. I used to love myself and still do but there was this consciousness of my appearance which kept lingering always.
I took gym membership and consulted what not dieticians. I did loose "something" but the weight kept on coming back if I left it.
Then one day while scrolling through Insta I saw some success stories by Diksha. It did moved me and I contacted her.
I remember for the first time I did contact her but never joined the program as I felt I won't be that "story". My weight would creep back in even if I loose something.
Then some months passed and my weight increased. That was when I decided to join Diksha for whatever it will take.
I called her and she motivated me, asked me to trust her! And guess what I just did the same.
I trusted her and religiously followed the program. I never knew I had such commitment also 
Within 1 month itself I lost most of my stubborn fat. Subsequent months gave some shape to my body and by the end of the 3 month program I had reduced almost 15kgs.
I decided to join her for another 3 months and I lost another 10 kgs by that time.
This was a super amazing and an achievement for me.
I just could not believe the results.
I had gained more confidence, I was more in love with myself and I was back!
I keep telling her that I don't have much of full length photos from my before weight because I was always so conscious of the camera and my look.
And now, I click myself from head to toe!
The journey not only taught me self resilience, discipline but also mad eme fall in love with the healthy lifestyle. Because if her I am a workout freak now. 
Thank you so much Diksha 

byJaisheela onDiksha Chhabra

I have been thinking to write review for you was framing in mind from a long time but couldn't put on papers. This is a try review it and let me know the changes needed. (Note: Not because I have contacted you today so wrote it now , I actually wanted to share with people but was not able to put it properly, that you'll realize once you read it )
What you have planned and give to your clients is a complete resolution for a perfect and healthy lifestyle. Before starting with you there were lot's of concern in my mind specially due to the amount we pay, if it is actually worth it. But after completing the plan with you I know it was an investment for lifetime, even when I didn't follow it properly and wholeheartedly (just 40% hardly, related to time given to excercises and keeping up with the diet)but it actually worked for me and did the transformation to a good extent, I just say to myself "imagine what if you follow it and would have followed it properly (not able to do so at all in terms of excercises due to all my excuses be it weather or time and all, but taking care of diet (portions) so able to sustain what I have achieved by your guidance and for the time being I am happy with that too as I know now, the moment I would feel I am back to zero I can restart anytime. It is sooooo effective. Your hardwork is paying off not just to you but many of like us. Thank you so much for being an angel in disguise.

byReevan onDiksha Chhabra

I joined weight loss program with Diksha during End March ’20, just to give a try. I had tried other weight loss programs in the past with very less results and worst after effects. The program Diksha developed helped me to loose almost 11Kgs in a period of 3 months. Also, to note, during this period I was impacted by Covid and leg tendon injury, which restricted me from performing normal cardio or exercise. However, the program was well managed to keep the carbs low and maintain the weight during this period. I am continuing this program further with Diksha to have further reduction in my weight and to tighten the body muscles. 
I would like to thank you Diksha for the support, guidance and encouragement you have provided. You are superb……

bySneha onDiksha Chhabra

I am happy  to tell you that I am off the medication ( containing  steriods and metformin). From past two months my periods are regular.  I have lost in inches. Now I am 90 kg.