What Programs Diksha Offers?

Let's lift with Diksha ( 3-months long plan)

Target: Visible permanent results (expected results 10-15 kgs)
Features of the program:
  • Guaranteed results
  • Suitable for Post pregnancy tone up
  • Suitable for patients suffering from PCOD, Diabetes, Obesity and Thyroid etc.
  • Suitable for Weight gain
  • Suitable Workout plan if any injury in past.
  • Customized Workout for long term results
  • Customized Diet (balanced, keto or IF)
  • Home-based/ Gym based Workout video routine
  • Simple meals
  • Goal-oriented (weight loss/ muscle gain)
Takeaway: This is one of the most popular plans that our fitness consultant has to offer to achieve maximum heath goals. It gives our online fitness coach an idea and leverage to understand your body type and what works for you in terms of diet and exercise. We keep set targets to reach your goals in the most consistent manner if the plan is followed properly.

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Fit In My Budget (Affordable 2-months plan)

Target: Money Saver Package, weight loss appx 4-5 kgs or customized weight gain plan.

  • One-time customized diet and weekly exercise plan
  • Simple home cooked food
  • Basic-intermediate to advanced home workout plan/ online fitness classes every week
  • Once a month progress check
  • On call/ WhatsApp guidance – once a week
  • Most pocket friendly

Takeaway: Suitable for someone who has a basic idea about conventional exercise movements and needs a change in a home workout plan/ online exercise classes and an effective complementary diet plan from our online dietitian.

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Drastic Transformation- ( 30 days program)

Target: Advanced training package for experienced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Weight loss appx 3-4 kgs
  • Customized diet plans from a well strategized online nutritionist
  • Intermediate-Advanced level online exercise classes/ home workout plan
  • Gradual Progress of intensity
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Weekly supervision
  • On-call /WhatsApp guidance once a week
Takeaway: Suitable for people who want to try and experience how our online weight loss program and advanced training with the guidance of right virtual fitness trainer and online nutritionist can help to reach your fitness goals in the safest way within a month.

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