All the details about Vegan Mantra


In the era when a variety of diets have flooded the internet, a specific diet called the “Vegan diet” is trending by seeking a lot of attention. It has made a huge impact ever since popular sportspersons across are the world are chhosing to be one. Virat kohli, Serena Williams and Lionel Messi to name a few amongst many who have turned Vegan.

What is Vegan Diet?

In simple words, the one who follows this diet, depend only on Plant based products for their nutritional requirements. People who decide to settle on vegan lifestyle not only surrender eating meat and eggs but also stop consuming dairy and honey.

Most common question is how will one get nutrition if he/she decides to turn vegan?

Vegans hugely rely on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals dry fruits etc. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of Vitamins and fibre. Whole beans and cereals supply adequate quantity of protein and carbohydrates. Dry fruits, plant based oils like coconut oil and avocado are a rich source of fat. Hence if a vegan diet is planned intelligently, It can get results in terms of weight loss, Fat loss, and a low carb fibre rich diet. A person suffering fighting health related issues like obesity, diabetes and blood pressure also can see improvement in their condition if the diet is followed religiously.

What do i suggest?

Vegan diet needs to have accuracy while counting macros to make it a goal oriented and nutritious diet. Someone who decides to adapt a Vegan lifestyle, I personally recommend consumption of plant based protein powders from a good brand. These protein powders are extracted from rich vegetarian sources and supply a complete range of amino acids which will help our body in fast recovery post workout.

One must add whole beans, wheat, oats, millet sorghum rice, nuts, fruits and vegetables in right quantity to supply good carbs, fat vitamins and minerals making it a complete diet.

Also, vegans are often found lacking Vitamin B12. Since plant based sources are not rich in Vitamin B12, Deficiency of B12 can lead to some serious health problems. It’s advisable to intake B12 orally as a supplement to prevent such ailments.